Communication strategies for women-focused business and wellness.

We believe a truly authentic brand can transform any business from an unknown start-up into a market leader. We guide entrepreneurs in this journey and we bring to the table our international experience, our value-driven mindset and our brand co-creation process that favours openness, exchange and discovery.

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We make sure you find your voice and stand out in this complex fast-changing world.


Brand Strategy

  • Value Proposition design
  • Brand Ideologies (Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values)
  • Brand Experience design
  • Brand-Driven Innovation
  • Brand Personality
  • Tone of Voice
  • Visual and Verbal Universe
  • Brand Manifesto and Storytelling

Brand Building

  • Customer Experience Design
  • Engagement Strategies
  • Community Building
  • Brand Building Activities Plan
__ Cosmo Swim

The brand leading a women’s swimwear revolution in Brazil.

Cosmo Swim was only an idea on the creative mind of its founder, Lucia Hsu, when she came to us. The opportunity was clear: no other brand in Brazil was addressing the need of comfortable swimwear with a variety of trend-driven shapes and styles. She wanted to shake up this established category and start an honest conversation with women about body-positivity and confidence.

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A pizzeria thinking and acting as a start-up.

Mamma Jamma is an italian restaurant, famous for its delicious pizzas, that is quickly scaling in Brazil. As a growing business they understand the importance of going beyond customer expectations and always improving the quality of their services. They came to us with one question in mind: What can we do to create a WOW effect in our delivery and restaurant services?

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The organization engaged in changing the world one skill at a time.

Sikana is a french organization that shares practical skills through free educational video programs. They have more than 2.300 videos, translated in 16 languages and a community of hundreds of volunteers. Together we created an international  communication strategy to launch in France one of their programs, that was produced in partnership with a renowned cosmetics brand in Brazil.

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The Parisian brand uniting creativity and transparency.

Surprise creates colourful and energetic swim wear pieces people can carry with them in their happier discoveries. Together we’ve developed a brand manifesto that expressed what the brand's values and personality, alongside a set of communication actions it should execute
in order to bring their ideas to life.

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Deep dive on the brand and key mission definition.



A fresh look at what might seem obvious, brand, consumer and market analysis; gathering of strategic clues and inspiration.


Solution finding

Together, through a set of creative, result-oriented activities we will develop solutions for our mission.

Design Thinking

Moving Foward

the brand is then ready to move foward and implement the co-created solution as a prototype that goes into the right direction.

Project Management

Salto was founded by Fernanda Sigilião, a Brazilian born and Paris based, brand strategist with 10 years of experience in building brands both in global advertising agencies and directly for new businesses.

We are an international network of professionals exploring solutions in the intersection of strategy and creativity. We have been in big companies, start-ups, design agencies and other creative ventures. In each project a team is assembled according to the needed expertise, this how we ensure we always have the right people for the right challenge.

Fernanda Sigilião

A Brand Strategist passionate about innovation and urban culture. She has led the planning department of renowned agencies in Rio de janeiro and Paris and is a certified Business Designer from IDEO U.
Based in Paris.

Cássia D’Elia

Graphic, editorial and typographic designer, with experience across print and digital media initiatives. She puts the design at the heart of each project.
Based in Paris.

Luter Filho

Is a Brazilian creative art Director with a strong concept development background. He has been selected as one of the best 10 Art Directors under 28 that represented Brazil as Young Lion in Cannes 2010.
Based in Berlin.


Ines Iglesias and Matteo Mastronardi are experts in creating beautiful brand identities, motion and web design and in exploring the thin line between an authentic design work and art.
Based in Paris.

Gustavo Nogueira

Founder and creative director of @Toruscx a global movement based in São Paulo and Amsterdam that promotes changes in how people and companies connect with time.
Based in Amsterdam.